I am a 40 year old stay at home mom who, until a year and a half ago, had not found success with an exercise regime.  When Saadita began with me, I was not fully convinced that exercising was important.  In a matter of sessions I gained insight and knowledge about fitness that would help me make a life change.  Saadita's attention to proper technique and bank of innovative exercises should be bottled and sold!  I have never been injured at any session and have seen and felt consistent body improvements.  Unfortunately, during the summer, I had to seek training at a facility that provided child care and all trainers noted my excellent technique.  Thank you Saadita!!  She has taught me soooo many variations to simple movements that keep my muscles guessing what they will be required to do next!  Most of Saadita's sessions involve exercises that can be done at home or at vacation spots, which are invaluable to on the go parents who want to keep fit. 
My personal goals were to become toned and get stronger.  Both are on going challenges and Saadita is great at knowing my weaknesses and strengths.  She senses when I need to be pushed and when I have been pushed enough.  I have always left each workout with a feeling of accomplishment and personal success (because I survived!  Hee hee).  I have also always left knowing I have learned more about myself and what I am truly capable of doing.  I have gotten the whole package; physical and mental success!
Saadita is a trainer who practices what she preaches.  She is a total body trainer; strength, flexibility, balance and mental motivation.  Saadita helped to make exercise fun, challenging and extremely rewarding!!  She is a one of a kindů Awsome!!  Karyn Aurilio.

Simply put, Saadita is the best trainer I have worked with. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, but more than that, she pays attention to each client and genuinely cares about the client's success. I believe that anyone, at any fitness level, would benefit from training with Saadita.
Abby Silverstein, 45, Attorney.

" I recently concluded my 12 workout sessions with Saadita. She is a top-notch Personal Trainer with a lot of insight on the proper ways to train to achieve your fitness goals. She is definitely unique because unlike most personal trainers she focuses on functional training working the entire body for optimal results rather than working each muscle group alone (like most trainers do).  The sessions are arduous but well worth it. The most interesting aspect of the sessions was the fact that she incorporates many exercises that no one else does --and they are highly effective once you learn proper technique. For example, she utilizes the stability ball for exercises that she made up rather than the typical pilates exercises that most trainers do. These exercises are much harder than the typical incorporated in the usual fitness routine but the are much more effective because they integrate and work your core more efficiently. Saadita is an athlete of the highest caliber and she is highly skilled at what she does. She is very informed on how the body responds to different exercises and an expert in multitude of physically demanding proclivities. Suffice it to say that she is one of the best personal trainers out there!! This coupled with her demeanor and jovial attitude will make your workout sessions not only effective but fun. She has a plethora of exercises that she uses so you do something new every time rather than go through some boring (and ineffective) routine with a sub-par trainer. She will definitely set you on the right path."
Joey Denaro, 37. Office Manager. 

"If you are serious about achieving your goals of getting into better shape and improving your nutritional program, then Saadita is your trainer. I found her to be very complete in understanding what your objectives are, what limitations you may have and crafting a program that will address those needs. You will notice an improvement very quickly as a result of her well thought out training programs. She cares and want you to achieve your goals."
Joseph Miller, 47, CEO.

"When I started training with Saadita, I had not done any serious workouts in several years.  I have a few minor injuries that inhibit some of the exercises that I can do.  However, she was able to get past that and within a few weeks, I was on my way to a healthier, more fit body.  Saadita took into account not only my physical limitations but my age, too.  All in all, I appreciated her attention to a personalized fitness program tailored to my needs."
Nancy Schaffel, 62, Photographer.

"Saadita...today after I left the gym, I went home to shower and start my day.  Well, I happened to look at my butt in the mirror, and, GUESS WHAT???  I saw muscles, nice ones, on my butt.  So, I am emailing you to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for making me work so hard, and for pushing me when I need it, and for knowing when to not push so hard.  I was smiling all day thinking about my glutes...just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your hard work, and not giving up on me..." Janet Field, 47, CEO

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